Forest bathing. Vedic chanting. Abhyanga massage. Yogic healing. Ayurvedic therapy.

Evoke a Sixth Sense

Destress. Detox. Decongest. Nourish your mind, body and spirit. Awaken your senses. Recalibrate your being.

Healing is intrinsic to wellbeing. The very act of being removed to a different zone from your own is restorative.

Art therapy in a rainforest. Does art mimic life or does life mimic art? An artistic introspection and interaction to soothe your soul.


Yoga and meditation in the Himalayas. Stretch your mind, body and soul to elevate your spirit.


Ayurveda by the seashore. Soak in the oils and herbs and an ancient philosophy of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


Sound therapy cradled in ancient civilisation. Take a step back in time as you too become a pilgrim of a journey that takes you through some of the world’s oldest temples and an ancient tradition of sound healing.

Immerse yourself in a world of wellbeing. Rekindle that feeling of life coursing through your mind, body and soul.

South Asia : Stimulate your senses and your spirit. It’s a call to consciousness.