From the Spice Route to the Silk Road – coastal cuisine to frontier foods, farm-to-fork to molecular gastronomy. Where haute cuisine meets home cooking.

Evoke a Flavour

Food is a thread that cuts across the subcontinent and brings us together.
Flavourful. Fragrant. It’s as much food for your stomach as for your soul.

In so many ways, our food gives you a taste of so many different parts of our part of the world, such as culture, history, socioeconomics, art, geopolitics… and that’s only the beginning.

The North West Frontier – Recipes in history from one of the world’s greatest melting pots.


From east to west – a gastronomic road map across North India that is an eye-opener to the socio-cultural fabric of the subcontinent.


The fruits of a Portuguese legacy. The subculture of food and colonialism in Western India.


Food philosophy for the whole soul. Nourishing one’s stomach to nurture one’s soul.

Nourishing. Nutritious. A culture of cuisine that satiates your appetite and elevates your spirit.

South Asia : a distinctive flavour. A taste, once acquired, which becomes a zest for life.