Ethics & Excellence

At RVentures Holidays, business ethics and operational excellence go hand-in-hand.

PRICING: Our pricing is based on our negotiated wholesale rates for accommodations, services and the experiences we provide. We do not build our margins on shopping commissions or kick-backs. Dynamic costs e.g. airline tickets are listed separately.
SERVICES: All our accommodations and service providers are vetted by us personally. All our vendors, operational managers, tour escorts, experts, guides and drivers are extremely professional and proficient on the job.
CODE OF CONDUCT: As owners and managers, we choose to be extremely hands-on with the day to day operations and growth of our organisation. We believe in running our business sustainably at every level.

  • We continuously research new travel concepts, destination, products and ideas to grow our portfolio.
  • We mentor and develop our team to grow within the organisation.
  • We try to keep our operations as green as possible.
  • We believe in working closely in harmony with the communities that we operate in, to ensure that there’s a positive give and take for every stakeholder.

Socially Responsible Tourism

A socially responsible approach to tourism is one of the keystones on which our company has grown. We are firm believers in minimising the socio-economic divide and ensuring that each community you interact with is positively impacted by our activities. We do not believe in bribery or flouting rules and regulations, and ask all of our guests to respect them as well. We also encourage local artisans, craftsmen, naturalists and members of each community to share their wealth of knowledge, expertise and art with our guests.

Risk & Safety protocols

We are extremely detail oriented and meticulous in our approach to organizing experiences and journeys that are safe and which protect you from any undue risks. In the rare event that a mishap should occur, we always have a contingency back-up plan in place. We have an extremely experienced team of people across the region who are constantly monitoring the progress of your journey while you are with us. We also provide you with detailed back-ground information prior to your arrival in our destination, as well as 24X7 emergency contact information for both our head office and our regional teams. We also always check with you in advance and recommend that you advise us if you have any medical conditions, allergies or physical restrictions that we should be aware of before you begin your journey. All our vendors and services are duly trained in our risk and safety protocols and are seasoned professionals who are extremely familiar with the destination and your itinerary. Your safety is our utmost priority and we are absolutely committed to ensuring that you remain safe and secure.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At RVentures Holidays, Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Tourism is a large part of our ethos. Responsible tourism can be defined as “tourism which creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit”. Some of the main objectives of Responsible tourism are as follows:

  1. To respect local cultures – traditions, religions and built heritage.
  2. To protect the environment – its flora, fauna and landscapes.
  3. To conserve natural resources – from source to destination.
  4. To benefit local communities – both economically and socially.
  5. To minimize pollution – through noise, waste disposal and congestion.

In a nut shell, responsible tourism is that form of tourism in which initiatives and responsibilities are taken by both the tourists and the travel agencies to maximize the positive impacts and minimize the negative impacts on environment, traditions and cultural heritage of the region.


As a policy, we identify small, out of the way rural areas to develop and promote them as responsible tourism destination, allowing these communities to reap the benefits that tourism brings. We often take up development projects in villages close to where we operate. We always try to incorporate these places in our itineraries so that our clients get to see how their money is making a difference.

We also identify individual families that are below the poverty line and struggling to make ends meet – with no real means of earning and we rehabilitate them in such a way that they can earn their own living, regain their self-respect, and enjoy a better quality of life.


Tordi Village is in Central Rajasthan. The fort, Tordi Garh, was in a very poor condition and the property was not frequented by tourists at all, even though it was just a couple of hours drive from many destinations.

The village has a lot to offer to tourists, like hillocks, sand dunes, dam, old temples, old houses, and various other activities. We worked with the owner to create some rooms in the fort and also renovate the area slowly. He created 10 rooms in his property. Our clients that went there absolutely loved the fort, the village and the variety of activities provided there. Realising the benefits, the owner of the fortress has been very amenable to taking our suggestions on how to improve constantly and now a lot of our groups go to stay there and consider it a highlight.


A school in Bharatpur was in bad need of repair and the children required a lot of materials for school. We, along with some of our clients, painted the entire school. We also donated school books, charts, blackboards, pencils, colours, etc. which they required. We also gave each child a schoolbag, sweater, water bottle and writing materials to facilitate their studies.


Palasni is a small village near Jodhpur where there was a dire need for a clean source of water. School children were falling ill very frequently as there was no clean source of water supply. We donated a water purifying system as well as a water cooler to the school. Now, not only are all the children less prone to falling ill, but the entire village is able to drink the cold, pure water provided there.

Environmental Sustainability

As a company with a huge passion for the outdoors, we are extremely sensitive to ensuring that our environmental footprint is as light as possible. This is one of the reasons why several of our signature activities are deliberately designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. Whether it’s bespoke bicycling, camping or our wildlife experiences, we are committed to keeping our operations clean and green. Environmental sustainability is also a primary factor for us when choosing to work with our vendors. We believe in supporting those accommodation and experience providers who are eco-friendly and sustainable in their own operations as well.

Cultural Sensitivity

We are firmly rooted in the culture of our part of the world and have a deep respect for it. One of the most unique things in our part of the world is the depth of culture – both ancient and modern and the varying nuances that a visitor experiences. That’s why our staff is fully trained to orient you from the beginning and explain key cultural dos and donts, so that there are no inadvertent cultural misunderstandings. In general, people from our part of the world are extremely friendly and welcoming and consider guests to be god. Our support team will always be at hand to serve as a cultural conduit between our guests and locals. We do ask all our guests to be mindful and respect the local customs and traditions that prevail in different parts of the region – particularly in those areas that are far-removed from cosmopolitan, urban landscapes.