Culture Culture  
Traditionally, the Tibetan society has three distinct segments, each with its own culture steeped in Tibetan....
Trekking Trekking  
Home to some of the highest mountains in the world, Tibet is called a Climbers Paradise...
Pilgrimage Pilgrimage  
Tibet has one of the holiest spots for Hindus in Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarover...

Tibet has been called, at various times, ‘The Shangrila’, ‘The land of Snow’ and ‘The Roof of the World’. It is an inevitable high altitude desert which has some of the highest mountains in the world on its southern border, including Mt. Everest at 8850 Mts.





For centuries, this mysterious Buddhist kingdom locked away in the high Himalayan mountains, has exerted the imagination of people in rest of the world.


It is a land steeped in spiritualism. Tibet has its own religion, Tibetan Buddhism, which is even followed in Mongolia. This wilderness is the hearty travelers’ and adventurers’ delight, which offers high altitude treks, fabulous monasteries from back and beyond, stunning view of the worlds highest mountains, very hot geothermal spring in very cold environment and extremely likable people.

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