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Rawla Bagh was a dilapidated farm house of the owners of Nimaj Palace where horses were kept...
Tordi Tordi  
Tordi Village is in Central Rajasthan. The fort, Tordi Garh, was in a very bad stateand the property...
Bharatpur Bharatpur  
The school at Bharatpur was in bad need of repair and the children required a lot of materials for school...
Palasni Palasni  
A small village near jodhpur, there was a dire need for a clean source of water for the children as they were...
Nagaur Nagaur  
We identified a family in the village of Nagaur with a single bread earner and a large family of 8 - 9 to...
Kochi Kochi  
We identified a family in a village near Kochi, which had fallen upon hard times and were unable...
Uttarakhand Uttarakhand  
Jennifer Nandi, who is one of our core team members, has trained a number of villagers...
Rawla Bagh was a dilapidated farm house of the owners of Nimaj Palace where horses were kept by the family. We were using Nimaj Palace for our guests. On our suggestion, the owners renovated the place by creating 10 rooms and we started sending clients to the Bagh. It was an instant success. The clients loved the little break from the cities, as also the hospitality of the family. Today all our longer trips are visiting Rawla Bagh.
As a result of our continued support through business generation as well as through suggestions on how to improve, today the property has 15 rooms with a proper dining hall, swimming pool and other amenities. We insure, however, that the family touch of Nimaj still remains and they have been extremely cooperative about it.After seeing the popularity rise of Rawla Bagh, many other companies have also contacted the family and have started using the property. Today it is a source of independent income generation for the family of Nimaj.


Our Contribution
As a policy, we are identifying small, out of the way rural areas to develop and promote for tourism, thus giving them the associated benefits. We are taking up development projects in villages close to where we operate. We also try to incorporate these places in our itineraries so that our clients get to see how their money is making a difference.

We also identify families that are below the poverty line and struggling to make ends meet - with no real means of earning and we rehabilitate them in such a way that they can earn their own living and live a better life.

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