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Our whole paradigm of a Tour Leader has changed ever since Kapil held the Torch for us igniting the passion for India in our heart and soul. His whole persona and energy inspired us throughout the tour. Kapil's guidance and insight of his land was much more beyond than just dates and facts; his company has left an everlasting impression and impact on us.

– Gordon Davids, Los Angeles, USA

Arriving in North India for the first time there were understandable apprehensions on our part on various issues, however from the moment we arrived in New Delhi to the end when we flew back home, Kapil our Rventures Leader kept the ride smooth for us and we could sense the responsible and secure hands we were in. His anticipation of changing the pace of the tour according to our energy and need is the sets the finest example of a "Visionaire" Leader

– Bob and Sandi Spear, Ottawa, Canada

We have recently visited India for the second time now, once again, in the company of our favourite Leader Kapil; our mine of knowledge and in depth insight into this kaleidoscopic country. He knows the true heart of India. He was supremely organised and had a natural ability in working out all the strings and providing solutions to our problems. Our Leader was an indispensable companion for this journey and we left India with magical and everlasting memories

– Tani and Malcom Jaker, Perth, Australia

It was the Perfect Group! Perfect Place ! and Perfect Leader!. I am leaving after gaining magical impressions of this part of the world. Our Rventures Leader had a wide knowledge on different aspects, quick organisational skills and took gracious care of us and he deserves our highest regard. My Indian memories and his friendship are the precious souvenirs that I will cherish and I'm sure it will keep pulling me back to India for ever and ever.

– Erin Johnson, Cape Town, South Africa

Many thanks to our Rventure's Leader for giving us a memorable journey, opening up the colourfully cultural and historical side of India. Our Leader's ability to bring alive the bygone era from the ruins and monuments we visited has for the first time ignited our interest in History. He has been an assest of indepth guidance but more than that he has been enchanting to have around us in incredible India.

– Marni and Josh Baker, Atlanta, USA
Abhay Gupta

He comes from the city of Kannauj famous for producing Attar. He holds a BA Honors degree from St. Stephens College Delhi. He was basketball player in his school and college days. He is also a keen photographer and loves to travel in his free time.


Anirudh Singh Rathore (Jimmy)

A commerce graduate and persuing masters in HR he has a strong passion for traveling. Had been a cricketer all through his college career and loves to talk about this sport which has become a national mania. While leading his trips he tries to take the guests to meet his family and give them every opportunity to interact with the locals and get a feel of the culture apart from doing the regular sightseeing stuff.


David Sonam Dawa

He has an intense knowledge of the country, culture and monuments. On his trips we have never had a guest not raving about the trip. His enthusiasm for leading trips and making clients take every opportunity of entertainment, interaction with locals and visiting various markets, all make him a tremendously successful leader. His association with various NGO's, like he is the president of REWA (an NGO working with spastic children in Ladakh), He is also a trustee of Snow Leaopard foundation in Ladakh and also helps an organization to run a dental and eye clinic for children in Ladakh.


Kapil Deval

With a masters in history and an unrelenting thirst to travel around India and world brought him to Rventures. Apart from leading trips he spends his vacations traveling around the world and writing columns in a news magazine.

"As a travel freak, spend all my savings this year to travel to USA and UK where I met Steve Mc Curry the famous photographer"


Rajesh Singh

Comes from a Village in the foothills of the Himalayas in Uttrakhand.
He holds a masters degree in Forestry and is fluent in speaking Hindi & English. He has worked with a NGO for couple of years on grassroot level in uttrakhand villages. His hobbies include trekking, farming and reading about history, culture and spirituality.


Ranvijay Singh Rathore (Ranny)

With an MBA in HR and a graduate degree in History and Psychology, Ranvijay popularly known as Ranny came to leading tours for Rventures after chucking an airlines job. Has always been very organized and meticulous in running his tours - that he enjoys leading tours is proven from the scores of compliments he gets from members of the trips he leads.


Shailendra Singh Bhati (Shail)

A graduate in Arts, he loves traveling places, trekking, horse riding and shooting (a sport he picked up in his years with the national cadet corps. Apart from running his own hotel in Mount Abu, he runs his own farm. While leading his trips he makes sure that his guests enjoy every bit of the tour.


Shrutidev Singh Rathore

A Psychology honors graduate, he took up golf by default and became a pro. A voracious reader guests have always found him extremely knowledgeable. A good sense of humour and an ability to mimic people and speak English in various accents makes him pleasure to travel with.


Vishvaraj Singh Rathore

Holds a masters degree in history as well as a MBA degree. He is fluent in three Languages English, Hindi and Rajasthani. A native of Rajasthan, he has a seven year experience guiding clients in India. His hobbies include reading about international affairs, science, history & sports and he is an avid outdoorsman.


Yaduvendra Singh

Popular as YADU has won awards as a tour leader just loves traveling and leading trips. His guests alwayshave praise for him. An M.Com. in statistics, he also plays guitar with a local band. Makes sure that his guests get a taste of his guitar skills too.

"Worked in a finance firm for some time, came to tourism and fell in love with leading tours. My Guitar skills have always come in handy scoring a point with my guests."

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