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Hinduism is the state religion. Tantric practices and Buddhism also have a significant influence on....
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Nepal is a mountaineers paradise. Over a hundred mountaineering expeditions from all parts of the world...
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About 14 % of the total land area of Nepal has been converted into National Parks and Wildlife Reserves...
Nepal information

Nepal was, till recently, the only surviving Hindu Kingdom in the world . It is a unique destination, which boasts of some of the highest mountains in the world including Mount Everest at 8850 mts. Eight of the fourteen highest mountains lie in Nepal and offer breathtaking views to tourists as well as extraordinary challenges to mountaineers and trekkers.





Nepal is the land of the elusive Yeti – the indomitable snowman who is yet to be found. Apart from the Yeti in the high altitude, the low lying terrain is full of wildlife and provides exceptional wildlife safaris.


The rivers, often having deep and awesome gorges, provide excellent wild water sports like rafting, Kayaking and canoeing. Friendly villages, terraced hill-slopes, high waterfalls and dense forests provide tourists and trekkers alike with a wonderfully unforgettable experience.

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