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Ladakh – Little Tibet Ladakh – Little Tibet  
Delhi-Leh-Marteslang-Chokdo-Latza Kongmaru-Kongmaru La-Nimaling...
(14 Nights 15 Days)
Garhwal – Source of the Ganges Garhwal – Source of the Ganges  

(15 Nights 16 Days)

Horse Safari Itinerary Rajasthan Horse Safari Itinerary Rajasthan  
Delhi-Pushkar-Ras-Nimaj-Dhakdi-Jojawar-Ghanerao- Korta-Ranakpur-Udaipur
(10 Nights 11 Days)
Bike Safari for Rajasthan Bike Safari for Rajasthan  
(18 Nights 19 Days)
Leh – Manali Cycle Tour Leh – Manali Cycle Tour  
(16 Nights 17 Days)
Blessed with snow-clad peaks, crystal glaciers, rolling meadows and ski slopes, beautiful valleys, meandering and roaring rivers, gushing waterfalls, thick forests rich in wildlife, swampy deltas, long coastlines and magical moonscapes - India has something for everyone looking for adventure. Camel Treks in the arid deserts of Rajasthan, Biking and Trekking in Ladakh, The innumerable treks of the mighty Himalayas, rafting down the Ganges, Cycling through remote villages and nature trails in dense forests of the country – it has an array of activities that an adventure lover could opt for.

Mountaineering is the unblemished adventure for the body and soul. It is an endeavor to reach the vault of heaven, and explore the sprit of fantasy. The Himalayas with its lofty peaks offers a great range of mountaineering opportunities - The Peaks of Ladakh, Uttaranchal and Sikkim are some of the most desirable mountaineering destinations of today.



You can trek for one day or one month; backpack all your gear and wander off in the wilderness or stroll comfortably with just a shoulder bag, water bottle and camera whilst animals transport your camping gear, heavy baggage and logistic loads. You may set a challenging pace and go over difficult grades and high passes or just amble along, enjoying the wild flowers, magnificent scenery, uncomplicated lives of people

staying close to nature, stopping when you please, chatting with your companions, forging new relationships and hoarding a fund of fascinating memories to cherish. India is the ultimate destination for a trekking holiday, offering everything from short and easy excursions to the long challenges of the snowy peaks, invoking visions of the spectacular Himalayas, the lush meadows, green woodland and fragrant orchards. The captivating landscape, has an incomparable diversity of flora and fauna: India is regarded as the 'trekkers' paradise' and, indeed, is a refreshing treat to the trekkers.


Cycle Tours
Experience adventure on wheels. Let the cool breeze caress your cheeks as you pass through the by-lanes. Ride your bicycle at your own pace. Stop wherever you want to take some rest, enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful sceneries or simply gaze at the sky. It is an opportunity that is sure to lift your spirits and make your expedition a truly memorable one.



Camel Safaris
The ship of the desert, the camel, was domesticated thousands of years ago primarily for the purpose of making tedious journeys through the unrelenting Thar Desert. Safaris on the back of the theoldest native guide are the best way to explore the eccentricities of Rajasthan.


Horse Safaris
If you are one of those who like the galloping thrills, India is the land to be in. Horses have always been a part and parcel of the lifestyle of the people. Kings and their soldiers used them for the various battles. Horse safaris give you the best opportunity to go through the rural countryside getting an experience of their lifestyle. The horse safaris are mainly done in the state or Rajasthan where families of nobles and kings still take pride in rearing and riding horses.



Motorcycle Safaris
Imagine the thrill of riding a motorbike through the wilderness of ladakh or the sandy desert of Rajasthan - A motorcycle safari is the best way to explore the natural and cultural beauty of a wonderful country like India. No other transport allows such a closer interaction with the nature, especially in India where every corner seems to manifest an astonishing new aspect of unpredictable wonder.


White Water Rafting
The natural bounty of the river leads one towards excitement, fun and challenges with its rumbling roars, white foams, the holes, the river banks, and the pristine waves. The rivers in the upper Himalayas are among the best in the world for white water rafting sport, with many rapids that gratifies the body and spirit of the adventure lover. Most of the water rafting destinations are located in the Himalayas, and the River Ganges is the most popular of them all. The rivers Yamuna, Alaknanda, Tons, Mandakini, Kalisor, Bhilangana and Bhagirathi

offer many stretches, for both professionals as well as amateur rafters. Ranges in Ladakh and Sikkim also offer great river stretches for rafting.
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