The Punakha Dromche and Serda The Punakha Dromche and Serda  
Paro-Thimpu-Pobjikha Valley-Punakha-Thimpu-Paro
(6 Nights 7 Days)
Paro Tsechu Paro Tsechu  
(9 Nights 10 Days)
Wangiphodrang Tsechu Wangiphodrang Tsechu  
Paro-Wangdiphodrang- Pobjikha-Paro
(6 Nights 7 Days)

Almost all Dzongs and Gompas have an annual festival, which is celebrated with great gusto. The most important festival is the Tsechu, which honours the Guru Rimpoche. Festival dances are performed by Lamas wearing ferocious looking masks. Dances are supposed to bless the onlookers with prosperity and protect them from misfortune. People come to these festivals dressed in all their finery . Archery competitions are also held during these festivals. Any tour to Bhutan is greatly enhanced by adding one of these festivals to the itinerary.





Punakha Dromchoe

It is a five day long festival dedicated to the goddess Mahakala. The religious aspects are performed in the same manner as in early times. On the last day, a play of warriors going off to war is enacted.


Paro Tsechu

Paro tshechu is a festival in honour of Lord Padmasambhava-"one who was born from a lotus flower ", popularly known under the name of " Guru Rimpoche " the Precious Teacher. This Indian saint contributed enormously to the diffusion of Tantric Buddhism in the Himalayan region of Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan etc. around 800 A.D. The biography of Guru Rimpoche is highlighted in 12 episodes .During the Tshechu, the dances are performed by monks as well as laymen.



Wangdiphodrang Tsechu

The Wangdi Festival is a religious festival where masked dances are performed to instruct the onlookers in the ways of the Dharma. These are also occasions where Bhutanese people dress in their finest ethnic costumes.

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