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Buddhism as been the principle religion of the country for centuries. Buddhist culture and....
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Bhutan has many very high mountains of over 7000 metres altitude. Unfortunately only few...
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Almost all Dzongs and Gompas have an annual festival, which is celebrated with great gusto...
Bhutan Information

Named Drupyul – the land of the Thunder Dragon – by its preset rulers, the Drupkas, Bhutan is the only Buddhist monarchy left in the world. It is a mountainous country – the size of Switzerland but is far more picturesque. The terrain rises from 300 metres in the South to over 7000 mtrs high in the North, with mountains bordering Tibet and China.





The Bhutanese are very hardy people, mongoloid in origin. They follow Buddhist traditions and customs. The nation has a history steeped in Buddhism.However, of late, the immigration, in sizable numbers, of people from Nepal, who are Hindus, has altered the demography in the South.


Bhutan is a land of great natural beauty with imposing Djongs, forts, Gompas and monastries. It has a unique virgin beauty, unspoilt by human intervention, as it has been elsewhere in Himalayas.

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